Aristotle and Eudaimonia

I’ve been reading Nicomachean Ethics

Aristotle wrote on the things that made a good life. Looking to the purpose of life, found it to be connected with happiness. People seem to be happy when given a worthy pursuit, but is happiness a worthy pursuit unto itself? What is a worthy pursuit? For a musician, it is music, for a carpenter, it is building. So the function of a person could be towards a certain kind of life. Self-sufficiency is considered a virtue, especially that of a citizen who is able to support his family.

To live a complete life is good and noble, but there is not a specific form that one must adhere to, rather a wide array of factors that make up the whole. Happiness is not based solely on one’s fortunes, but rather a happy life can be built up from a lifetime of virtuous actions made into a daily habit.

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